Time Deposit

By depositing free funds of your company at an agreed period, the company provides additional income from interest paid by the Bank on your deposited funds.

Ziraat Bank is a strong and trusted Bank for all its clients around the world.

By depositing your funds with Ziraat Bank Montenegro AD, You:

  • have the safety of depositing funds with a reputable, strong and trusted Bank,
  • have possibility of choosing short-term deposit periods, up to 12 months,
  • have possibility of long-term deposits, from 13 to 36 months,
  • have possibility of calculation and payout of interest in your account,

Additional security to your deposits is provided by Ziraat group, the largest Bank in Turkey, which has over 30 million customers, wide branch and subsidiaries network present in 18 countries, and assets amount of approximately 88,4 billion EUR.

You may contact our Branch and Relationship Managers for further information about deposits and interest rates.