Demand Deposit

At Ziraat Bank Montenegro AD, opening a transaction account is easy and convenient for residents and non-residents which can be used for all payments within Montenegro.

Ziraat Bank Montenegro AD offers the possibility of opening transaction accounts in EUR and USD.

Required documents:

1. Decision on registration – registration with the Central Registry of Commercial Subjects (CRPS), i.e. Registration act with another competent authority if the registration is required; The Decision shall not be older than three months, except in the case where there was no change in the solution compared to the one that has been downloaded from the website of CRPS.

2. Incorporation act from a competent authority if the registration is not required;

3. Extract from the law, if the incorporation is done by the law itself, i.e. if the registration is not required with the Central Registry of the Commercial Court (CRPS) or a competent authority. 4. Evidence of classification of business activities;

4. Act of registration with a competent tax authority containing tax identification number of the applicant, if such registration is required;

5. Act on appointing the person authorized for representation of the applicant, if such person was not appointed in the registration act, i.e. the law or other regulation under which the entity is incorporated;

6. Certification of signature of authorized person who submits the request – OP form;

7. Memorandum of Association, if required by the law;

8. Photocopies of identification documents of all natural persons stated in the registration data (CRPS) – founders, authorized persons, and the persons authorized to sign the Signature Specimen Form.

Other documentation can be obtained at the Bank:

1. Application for Opening of the Account

2. The Signature Specimen Form

(Mandatory personal presence of the signer. Signatory may be all persons that the legal representative of the business entity shall be appointed to manage the funds in the account)

3. Framework Agreement

  • General Terms and Conditions for transaction accounts of legal persons and entrepreneurs.
  • Decision on Bank's Tariffs for Service Fees
  • Bank's Exchange Rates applicable on the day of its implementation
  • Time Schedule for the execution of payment transactions
  • Agreement on Opening and Managing the Transaction account with Ziraat Bank Montenegro.

4. Form for identification of politically exposed persons (PEL form)

5. Form “ Data on founders of legal entity the account is being opened for"

6. Form “Data on founder – legal entity and its founders – natural and legal persons (data on the founder's founder)”.

7. Data on the persons that shall collect the statements from the Bank and submit the Orders for Execution to the Bank (one copy for every account)

All other information you can be obtained on the phone: +382 20/442 200