Obavještenje: Banka vrši izmjene opštih uslova poslovanja

Dear clients,

In accordance with the requirements defined by the Law on Amendments to the Law on Payment Transactions and other by-laws of the Central Bank of Montenegro, a mandatory change was made to the General Terms and Conditions for transaction accounts of natural entities (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions).
The General Terms and Conditions will apply from April 8, 2024. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions do not change the prices of the Bank's services, but, in accordance with the Law, your protection as a client of Ziraat bank Montenegro AD is further improved.

Below we present the changes you will find in the new General Terms and Conditions:
- The Bank is obliged, in case you are not satisfied with the Bank's response to your complaint, to refer you to the possibility of submitting a complaint to the Central Bank of Montenegro, as well as to the possibility of alternative dispute resolution in accordance with special laws;
- you have the right to use the services of other payment service providers which provide information about the account opened and maintained with Ziraat Bank, which is obliged to provide the information it has.
- you have the right to, through another, licensed payment service provider, initiate a payment transaction debited from your transaction account opened and maintained at Ziraat Bank;
- In the event of an unauthorized payment transaction or in the event of a lost or stolen payment instrument of which you are the owner/user, your potential liability is reduced from 150 euros to 50 euros;
- improving security standards for initiating and processing your electronic payment transactions
From 08.04.2024 the existing electronic banking service will be improved with a new version of the application that has better security standards and an improved interface.

If you have any questions about the amended General Terms and Conditions, you can contact us by phone at +382 20 442 200, by email at https://www.ziraatbank.me/sr/contact or by visiting the nearest branch of the Bank.
If you do not agree with the proposed changes to the General Terms and Conditions, you may, without a notice period and without paying a fee, cancel the Framework Agreement you concluded with the Bank.

Yours Ziraat Bank