International payment operations

Ziraat Bank Montenegro provides all services related to payment transactions abroad in a fast, high-quality and secure way with competitive tariffs. Services are provided from all legal and private entities engaged in the registered activity in accordance with the regulations and the agreement on account opening and managing concluded with the bank

International payment operetinos are executed through the accounts of the Ziraat Bank Montenegro and correspondent banks abroad. It is our pleasure to offer you our services ensuring that all payments received from abroad are credited to your account on the same date

All payments with secured cover and paid fee as well as neccessary documentation::

  • received by 14:30 p.m,shall be executed on the same day value date T+0
  • received after 14:30 p.m,shall be executed with vaule date T+1

The fees for this type of work will be charged in accordance with the Bank's fees.

Request for international payment transaction

Below you can download the form of request for international payment.

The form is available in three languages (Montenegrin, English and Turkish).

This form can be used by the client when initiating an international payment transaction.

Documentation required for opening of foreign currency accounts

  • Necessary documents for opening accounts of individuals are based on the valid identification for residents (ID card-passport) and for non-residents passport with which the client is obliged to provide and register their residence in Montenegro.

Other documentation the client obtains in a bank and it refers to the following segments:

  • The request for the account opening.
  • Form for identification of politically exposed persons“ (PEP form)
  • Agreement on Opening and Managing the Transaction account with Ziraat Bank Montenegro.

(Personal presence of the signatories is required. The signatories may be all adult natural persons \ that the legal representative of the business entity named to manage the funds in the account).

Any additional information can be obtained by phone: +382 20/442 200