Natural persons

Ziraat Bank Montenegro offers all services related to payment transactions in the country and abroad in a fast, high-quality and safe manner with competitive rates for all natural persons. Services are provided to all natural persons eligible in accordance with the regulations and the agreement on account opening and maintenance.

Who can be the owner of the account at the Bank?

All adult individuals (residents and nonresidents) may exercise the right to open a transaction account with the Zarat bank as well as all minors with a legal representative or guardian as required by a law.

Receiving payment orders for execution is carried out every working day from 8:00 to 15:30 hours (for cash and non-cash payment at the Bank counter)

The fee for this type of work will be charged in accordance with Tariff for Ziraat Bank Montenegro.

Required documents

Necessary documents for opening the accounts of a natural persons are based on a valid identification document for residents (ID card-passport) and for non-residents passport with which the client is obliged to fill the application of residence in Montenegro.

Other documentation that client needs to obtain at the Bank and it refers to the following segments: