Overdraft Loans


Overdraft loan is a product of the Bank intended for natural persons who receives regular salary or pension on the transaction account in the Bank.

Interest is calculated on a monthly basis and it is calculated only for the used amount of the overdraft loan during the previous month. Repayment of the principal is linked to the monthly inflows to the transaction account of the client and the principal amount is paid at the prescribed maturity date of the loan

Approved amount of overdraft loan can be defined as the maximum amount that corresponds to the average monthly amount of income for the last 3 months.

In any case, the amount granted in the form of minus on transaction account can not be higher than the amount of regular income of client that is directed to an account at the Bank.

Main Features of the Loan:

  • Up to 5.000 EUR
  • Overdraft facility amount can not be higher than the net salary received in the account.
  • Maturity (repayment) term is 12 months
  • Nominal Interest Rate from 9,00% pa.

Main Collateral Elements Required:

  • Permanent labor contract with proof of regular payment
  • Administrative Salary Ban on the regular salary of the loan applicant
  • Bill of exchange of the loan applicant
  • Other collateral items that are deemed appropriate by the Management of the Bank
  • (Bank reserves the right to accept alternative collateral items based on its risk assessment of the loan applicant)

Required Documentation

  • Loan application
  • Confirmation of employment status by the employer
  • Administrative salary ban
  • Authorization for enquiry at Regulatory Credit Bureau