Housing Loans


Housing loans are long term loans which are intended for the clients who receive the whole or partially regular monthly income on the transaction account opened with the Bank. This type of loan is disbursed in a way that the funds from the loan are directly transferred to the account of the seller/investor. In the case of financing the construction of the house, due to the specificity of such funding where the disbursement is done in accordance with the defined schedule and the construction situations, the Bank may transfer a certain part of the loan amount directly to the client's account.

Main Features of the Loan:

  • Up to 150.000 EUR
  • Maturity (repayment) term from 12 months to 240 months
  • Nominal Fixed Interest Rate from 5,49% pa.
  • Administration fee for the loan is from 1,00% of the loan amount
  • Availability of variable interest rate option starting from 6M Euribor + 4,49%

Main Collateral Elements Required:

  • Permanent labor contract with proof of regular payment
  • Administrative Salary Ban on the regular salary of the loan applicant
  • Bill of exchange of the loan applicant and/or guarantors
  • 1st rank mortgage on the property subject to loan with coverage of the full loan amount after discounted value of the official estimation price
  • Life insurance policy endorsed for the use of Bank (Based on risk assessment)
  • Other collateral items that are deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors

Loan user may have co-debtor (who is also regular client of the Bank) who is credit-worthy and to whom the same loan conditions are applied.

(Bank reserves the right to accept alternative collateral items based on its risk assessment of the loan applicant)

Required Documentation:

  • Loan application
  • Confirmation of employment status by the employer
  • Administrative salary ban
  • Authorization for enquiry at Regulatory Credit Bureau
  • Estimation report of immovable/s subject to mortgage
  • Insurance policy of the immovable subject to mortgage endorsed for the use of the Bank

Representative Repayment Schedule:

The table below demonstrates a representative repayment schedule of Ziraat Housing Loan;

Representative Example of Housing Loan

50.000 EUR
Maturity Period
Nominal Interest Rate
Monthly Annuity
542,33 EUR 
Administration Fee
 500 EUR
Total Interest
15.079,04 EUR
Effective Interest Rate
Total Payments by the Client (*)
 65.584,04 EUR

(*) Total payments by the client includes the loan amount, total interest, loan administration fee, cost of bill of exchange of 2,00 EUR and cost of the Regulatory Credit Bureau enquiry of 3,00 EUR.

In total payments calculation and effective interest rate calculation, costs of estimation, real estate and life insurance have not been included. All costs will be included in final calculation.