Cash loans covered by deposit


Cash loan covered by deposit is intended for all clients who guarantee repayment of the loan with funds that are deposited with the Bank during the whole repayment period. The client can use this product if s/he has an open transaction account with the Bank and if the deposit is placed in the Bank account.

Loan repayments may be done through equal monthly installments or equal monthly annuities, depending of the amount of deposit, which shall be used as collateral.

Spread between the deposit interest rate and loan interest rate is 2,50. The amount of deposit shall not be less than 100% of the loan amount. Administration fee for the loan is 0,50% of the loan amount.

Main Collateral Elements Required:

  • Signed agreement that stipulates the amount deposited as the collateral item for the loan
  • Bill of Exchange of the borrower

Required Documentation:

  • Loan application form
  • Authorization for enquiry at Regulatory Credit Bureau
  • Agreement on term deposit issued by the Bank

Representative Repayment Schedule:

The table below demonstrates a representative repayment schedule of Ziraat Cash Loan covered by deposit.

Representative Repayment

Cash Loan Covered by Deposit
15.000 EUR
Maturity Period
36 months
Nominal Interest Rate
Monthly Annuity
449,55 EUR
Administration Fee
Total Interest
1.183,86 EUR
Effective Interest Rate
Total Payments by the Client (*)
16.263,86 EUR

(*) Total payments by the client includes the loan amount, total interest, loan administration fee, cost of bill of exchange of 2,00 EUR and cost of the Montenegrin Credit Registry enquiry of 3,00 EUR.